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“we live in a world where pain is romanticized and romance is painful”
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I started from zero, unlike the others. I don’t have any talents, so I was told off many times from people for not being able to neither dance nor sing. But I don’t care; just like a weed, I stood up and tried, that’s why I’m here. Even now, I’m still trying.

- Chansung

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Boy: Do you know where I really wanna kiss you?
Girl: In the LIPS?
Boy: No!
Girl: In my CHEEKS?
Boy: Probably NOT!
Girl: In my NOSE?
Boy: Nope!
(annoyed girl)
Girl: So? Where is it? Say it!
Boy: To be honest. I really wanna kiss you in the CHURCH. Right in front of all people we know after we both say "I DO."
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